Monumental Projects

ASCOSWISS is also your partner, when it comes to big, biggest and monumental dimensions! Thanks to reliable co-operations and partnerships, ASCOSWISS has access to a network that ensures the ability to provide solutions of any dimension. A monumental project was installed in the heart of Moscow in 2014. With a twelve meter long pendulum and gears of up to four meters in diameter, this is not only one of the world’s biggest, but also possibly one of the most sophisticated clocks in terms of its technical and aesthetic merits. After only seven months of design and construction, it was installed in Moscow.

This monumental project represents many new technical approaches and solutions, one of them being the “orbital drive”. The entire clockwork moves steadily, with only the anchor wheel stopping intermittently. This is a new perspective on the classical clock mechanism, as the kinetic energy in the movement is not destroyed with every stroke, but re-animated a moment later………….. time and time again.