The TM4 is a huge kinetic wall tableau! It is equipped with hands to indicate second, minute, hour and day of the week. Its constant movement of innumerable wheels and its elaborate mechanism with a unique continuously rotating “Orbital Drive” are exposed to reveal the mesmerizing functions of the machine, making time visible and audible.

Technical Data:

Dimensions: height x width x depth, approx. 2’100 x 2’200 x 300 mm
Weight: approx. 40 kg
Frame: with or without frame. The filigree frame is matte-black treated steel
Aluminum wheels: anodized gold or clear
Largest gear: the anchor wheel has a diameter of about 1600 mm
Drive: orbital drive, with the anchor beam rotating around the central anchor wheel
Diameter of pendulum disc: approx. 700 mm; the pendulum is made of highly polished gold plated titanium (in the gold version) or highly polished chrome steel (monochrome version). Mirror finish
Winding: fully automated by electric motor (110 - 230 V)
Operating noise level: smooth and almost silent
Materials: wheels, pendulum: anodized aluminum
Diameter of pendulum bob: 400 mm
Diameter of anchor wheel: 500 mm
Bearings: high precision ball bearings