TM4 Anniversary collection

This special edition is being launched annually. Its stunning cellular structures, originating from honeycomb and voronoi geometrics, produce impressive structural and visual performances. Its technical specifications are identical to those of the TM4 Classic Collection. It has been designed in two striking finishes, the “Black Gold Edition” and “Black Chrome Edition”. Frame and wheels are black, while pendulum, anchor beam and anchor wheel have a special gold or chrome finish. The pendulum may be ordered in mirror-polished gold and mirror-polished chrome.

Technical Data:

Dimensions: height x width x depth, approx. 2’100 x 2’200 x 300 mm
Weight: approx. 40 kg
Frame: with or without frame. The filigree frame is matte-black treated steel
Aluminum wheels: anodized gold or clear
Largest gear: the anchor wheel has a diameter of about 1600 mm
Drive: orbital drive, with the anchor beam rotating around the central anchor wheel
Diameter of pendulum disc: approx. 700 mm; the pendulum is made of highly polished gold plated titanium (in the gold version) or highly polished chrome steel (monochrome version). Mirror finish
Winding: fully automated by electric motor (110 - 230 V)
Operating noise level: smooth and almost silent
Materials: wheels, pendulum: anodized aluminum
Diameter of pendulum bob: 400 mm
Diameter of anchor wheel: 500 mm
Bearings: high precision ball bearings