The TM5 is a smaller kinetic wall tableau for representative rooms which fascinates its observer with its constant movement of innumerable wheels which makes time visible and audible.

Technical Data:

Dimensions: height x width x depth, approx. 1’200 x 1’200 x 150 mm
Weight: approx. 15 kg
Frame: with or without frame
Hands: minute, hour and day of week
Wheels: aluminium, in various finishes and colours
Drive: orbital drive, anchor beam rotating around the central anchor wheel
Winding: fully automated by integrated electric micro-motor (12 V), external 110/230 V adapter included
Winding: fully automated by electric motor (110 - 230 V)
Operating noise level: smooth and almost silent

wheels, pendulum: anodized aluminum
frame: steel with black finish
other materials and finishes on request (e.g. gold plated)