The TM2 gives every room a unique ambience, evoking grand hotel lobbies or the great halls of old trading houses. The air is pervaded by the majestic movement of the clock mechanism, the atmosphere shaped by the harmonic swing of the long pendulum that delineates unhurried intervals of time.

The TM2 has unobtrusive, simple, and refined time indicators.

Technical Data:

Measurements: height x width x depth, approx. 2’100 x 750 x 500 mm
Weight: approx. 80 kg
Platform size: 750 x 500 mm
Frame: black or nickel-plated
Wheels, screws, pendulum,and weight: gold-, nickel- or copper-plated
Drive: weights
Max. diameter of wheels: 600 mm
Frequency: 24 beats (reciprocating motions) per minute
Run time: approx. 3 days
Connection between gears: spiral springs
Diameter of pendulum bob: 400 mm
Diameter of anchor wheel: 500 mm
Bearings: high precision ball bearings